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miles of coastline formed by the majestic Atlantic.

The geography of the Portuguese coastline is dramatically distinctive because it has been formed by the Atlantic ocean and climate. You'll find long pristine sandy beaches punctuated by stretches of rugged rocky coast – the adventure is in getting there.


Famous for great surf, long beaches and seaside towns, we also enjoy exploring the lagoons, look out posts, coastal tracks and forested dunes... with a stop for a fresh seafood lunch, of course!

The magic of the coast persists whether in bright sunshine or ocean mist. The smell and the sound of this coast is truly impressive.


We suggest a minimum of 1 day.


Starting from €250 (+IVA) per sidecar per day.(One person per sidecar)

Picnic lunch included.

The type and price of a Atlantic coastal views adventure varies depending on distance, accessibility and terrain.

We are happy to chat about how we can tailor this ride to suit you.


We recommend staying with us the night before your adventure so that we can get to know you and fine tune the details of your adventure over a relaxed meal together. You are welcome to stay on after your adventure as well as there'll will be many tales to share.

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