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We are based just outside of Pombal, in Central Portugal, half way between Lisbon and Porto and their international airports.


Pombal is situated on the main train line between the two cities and there are several direct trains every day. Transport is well connected, so it's simple to take the metro from the airport to the train, and then the train to Pombal. It's a 1.5 hour train trip. 

You contact us using the form here or on:

00351 968 255 536,

Rua Marques de Pombal 25

3105-433 Vermoil


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The "Clean & Safe" certification you see here and at the bottom of each page is our commitment to adhering to the regulations required by the Portuguese tourism board.

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Our adventures keep us outside for the majority of the time that you are here. However to ensure your comfort and safety, at home and out on our adventures, we have implemented a number of measures that adhere to both international and Portuguese health and safety guidelines recommended for prevention of spreading Covid-19.​​

Our home offers space for social distancing as well as  all of the recommended products and equipment to adhere to the regulations

Our sidecars, helmets and other gear you may require are cleaned between tours with the appropriate disinfectant products.


We have disposable masks and hand sanitiser for our guests to use at all times. 


Our adventures take place outdoors so we won't be taking you inside buildings or any indoor tourist attractions. (If you wish to enter buildings then please let us know ahead of the tour, and be sure you have the appropriate PPE.)

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