DISCOVER A LAND THAT IS rich in history and wonder.

Portugal's history is rich and varied. Once a great empire, there are an incredible number of historic ports, forts, monasteries and castles throughout the country. Home to the Knights Templar, incredible architectural feats and a rich maritime heritage, it hosts religious and cultural traditions that date back centuries.

You're bound to see glimpses of Portugal's history on just about any of our rides, but getting to one of these fantastic destinations by sidecar just adds to the uniqueness of the whole experience.

We'll take you on-road or off-road, by a direct route or by meandering through the valleys, allowing you to see the distinctive surroundings and context in which each destination is set.  


We suggest a minimum of 1 day.


Starting from €160 per tour per day.

Where possible, 2 persons on 1 sidecar.

Additional sidecar from €80 per day ​​
(when available).


Included: adventure to/from destination.

Not included: meals during the adventure or tours at destinations.

The type and price of a historic wonder adventure varies depending on distance.

We are happy to chat about how we can tailor this ride to suit you.


We recommend staying with us the night before your adventure so that we can get to know you and fine tune the details of your adventure over a relaxed meal together. You are welcome to stay on after your adventure as well as there'll will be many tales to share.