Local vineyards.
Local vineyards.

Watching the colours and flavours evolve with the seasons.

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Market visits.
Market visits.

It's too hard to choose, let's take them all. Delicious ingredients for every meal.

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Fruits, nuts and seeds stalls.
Fruits, nuts and seeds stalls.

Fantastic snacks for our adventures.

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One of the things about sidecar travel is that you can enjoy a truly multi-sensorial experience. The sights, sounds and smells of the land stimulate your senses, so whilst we are out to discover the source of individual flavours, the ride to get there will whet your appetite.

All around us the roads weave past fruit orchards, vineyards, olive groves, fish markets, pastelerias and melon stalls. There are wild fig, orange and nut trees almost everywhere you go.

As we head out to find seafood specialties or taste the wines of the regions, our adventures take us through the landscapes that form the flavours. You will soon understand why Portuguese food and wine is so varied and delicious.


We suggest a minimum of 1 day.


Starting from €160 per tour per day.

Where possible, 2 persons on 1 sidecar.

Additional sidecar from €80 per day ​​

(when available).

Included: adventure to/from destination and through landscape.

Not included: meals or accommodation during the adventure or tours at destinations.

The type and price of a land of flavours adventure varies depending on distance and accessibility.

We are happy to chat about how we can tailor this ride to suit you.


We recommend staying with us the night before your adventure so that we can get to know you and fine tune the details of your adventure over a relaxed meal together. You are welcome to stay on after your adventure as well as there'll will be many tales to share.