Forest trails
Forest trails

Venturing into the woods to see what we can find.

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Praia Jurassica in the Serras
Praia Jurassica in the Serras

Mountains full of incredible nature and history with fossils that date back 170 million years.

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Exploring the Sicó hills
Exploring the Sicó hills

Taking the tracks that lead to the best views over the region. 2WD helps but a sense of adventure is a must.

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Country lanes, forest trails, and winding hillside tracks take you to some amazing hidden parts of the Portuguese countryside. We love riding more extensively off road, taking our time to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us, taking in the smells and views that many others will not have seen.

You don't have to go far from home to find these rides and each adventure can change kilometre by kilometre and season by season. The possibilities to discover more are endless.

Part of the fun of off-road riding is encountering and negotiating seemingly impassable obstacles. Whether it's making a detour or blazing a trail there's so much satisfaction when you get back on track again.... and lots of tales to tell at the end of the day.


We suggest a minimum of 1 day.


Starting from €160 per tour per day.

Where possible, 2 persons on 1 sidecar.

Additional sidecar from €80 per day ​

(when available).


Included: adventure through landscape.

Not included: meals or accommodation during the adventure.

The type and price of a roads less travelled adventure varies depending on distance, accessibility and terrain.

We are happy to chat about how we can tailor this ride to suit you.


We recommend staying with us the night before your adventure so that we can get to know you and fine tune the details of your adventure over a relaxed meal together. You are welcome to stay on after your adventure as well as there'll will be many tales to share.

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