Serras de Aire e Candeeiros
Serras de Aire e Candeeiros

An expansive national park with varied riding and fantastic views.

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Aldeias da Xisto views
Aldeias da Xisto views

Interwinding roads and tracks that lead to magestic views and historic slate villages perched on the sides of mountains.

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Serra de Aire e Candeeiros
Serra de Aire e Candeeiros

This serra offers amazing variety with natural amphitheatres, caves, and rivers alongside historic buildings and a rugged agricultural life.

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As we travel around the country we can't help but be drawn to the mountain ranges that rise up before us. Winding roads, run through rugged farmland, wild flower fields, deep river valleys and rustic villages. The clouds come down to meet you, and they roll through the valleys revealing the life below. The views are unique and inspiring.


What we love most about these rides is the constant change in landscape and climate as you ride through it.


We can take paved roads or gravel tracks, stopping in small towns for coffees, and on mountain crests for the views. 


We love exploring with an idea of where we want to go, but deciding how to get there as we ride. It's the kind of exploring you never want to end.


We suggest a minimum of 1 day.


Starting from €160 per tour per day.

Where possible, 2 persons on 1 sidecar.

Additional sidecar from €80 per day ​​

(when available).

Included: adventure to/from mountains.

Not included: meals or accommodation during the adventure.

The type and price of a rugged mountainscapes adventure varies depending on distance, accessibility and terrain.

We are happy to chat about how we can tailor this ride to suit you.


We recommend staying with us the night before your adventure so that we can get to know you and fine tune the details of your adventure over a relaxed meal together. You are welcome to stay on after your adventure as well as there'll will be many tales to share.

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